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So, the Stampin' Up! Online Shop has been live for a while now and I want to explain how the Rewards mentioned at the bottom of the category list works.

A few people mentioned they were concerned they may be signing up for some sort of loyalty scheme, and a few others haven't been aware that there are rising benefits based on how much you buy, and have missed out by only a few $$$$.

In the same way that if someone hosts a party at their house and the total orders collected are over a certain amount, she earns hostess $$$$ to spend, individual personal orders also get the same benefits.

I'll break these down in a moment for you, but I also wanted to point out that when you have earned $$$$ to spend, you can choose anything you like from the catalogue/store, not just the stamp sets highlighted in the Rewards section.

So, what is the hostess $$$$ breakdown?

Exactly the same as hosting a party, your personal purchases would achieve the following.

  1. Order of $250  to $450.00 = 10% free $$$$ to spend on top of your order (not including postage) e.g. If you spent $300.00 = $30.00 extra to spend FREE!
  2. Order of $500.00 to $700.00 = 12% free $$$$ to spend on top of your order (not including postage) e.g. If you spent 600.00 = $72.00 extra to spend FREE!
  3. Order of $750.00 to 950.00 = 14% of your total order (not including postage) free $$$$ to spend on top of your order plus one additional item at 50% off. - Imagine you could get a Big Shot at half price!!
  4. Order of $1000.00 Plus = 16% of your total sales of your order (not including postage) plus one additional item at 50% off. e.g. If you had a $1000.00 order you would be entitled to $160.00 FREE SPEND on top of your order plus one additional item at 50% off.
  5. Using your Stampin' Up! Free Dollars Rewards towards your Stampin' Up! Kit - now you can use any FREE DOLLARS YOU EARN towards your $169.00 kit price. e.g. If you had $69.00 in FREE $$$$ to spend your kit would only cost you $100.00 and you then still choose $235.00 in product of your choice for your kit and it is shipped FREE ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA!!

So you can see, there are huge benefits to shopping, and you know, it's possible to have a virtual party if you want to get even more free $$$$ to spend. Ask me to create a hostess code for you, share that code with your friends, so that when they shop (within 21 days of me creating the code) their orders are totaled with yours and you get the free $$$$ to spend.

So anyway, I thought I'd share with you all and explain how the Rewards work. This isn't a supermarket accumulation of points to get half an pack of paper in 2 years time, it's instant!

Deb xx

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